About Auto(in)correct


Textual intercourse is fun again!
Hugh Jiddiot, Montreal
You know what I meant.
Your Mom, Cleveland

About Auto(in)correct

Auto(in)correct is an imprint of The Department of Corrections, LLC, a Cleveland-based purveyor of grammatically challenged greeting cards, notepads, and other nonessential purchases.

We specialize in terrible puns and low humor of all sorts.

Auto(in)correct cards are available online and at retailers with senses of humor. See our list of Auto(in)correct Retailers to know where to find them.


If you have any questions, please contact us Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME.

Telephone: +1 216 647 0888

Fax: +1 216 803 1165

E-mail: mailto:customerservice@auto-incorrect.com


Auto(in)correct 11th Card Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchase a card on the website, Auto(in)correct will refund payment price if you can read 11 of our criminally punny cards in a row without laughing. How can we do this? Because a 2015 Research Study found that just looking at an 11th Auto(in)correct card made customers laugh — even if, of all the previous cards they had seen, no pun in ten did.